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Johanna Tissot, Communication expert and business moderator

Business and digital events as well as conferences are where Johanna Tissot feels "most at home" she works as a business presenter throughout Germany and Europe. As a communications specialist she combines relevant content with an entertaining and humorous style. She works to enrich discussion forums with technical expertise.

Martin Hubschneider, CAS Software AG

After studying industrial engineering, Martin Hubschneider founded CAS Software AG in 1986. As a visionary, innovator, CRM expert and boundless networker, he has since been active as CEO of CAS Software AG and in other associated companies. The development of benefit-oriented solutions for customer-oriented medium-sized businesses is particularly close to the heart of this innovator, who was born in 1958. His motto in life: "Positive thinking enchants!"

Dr. Oliver Haas, Initiator of Corporate Happiness® and The New Leadership

Dr. Oliver Haas has recognised this through his many years of experience in the field of finance and controlling as well as through supervisory board mandates in other companies: Companies are only successful in the long term if employees see a sense in their work, can contribute their strengths and are enthusiastic. Today, as the founder of Corporate Happiness® and initiator of Das Neue Führen (The New Leadership), he implements the findings of scientifically based happiness research in the corporate context and thus shows that a corporate culture oriented towards everyone's happiness enables unique growth for people and companies.

Norbert Schuster, strike2 GmbH

Norbert Schuster is a consultant and managing director of strike2 GmbH. He helps companies to find a way to leverage the potential of digitalization in sales and marketing in a targeted and practical way. He spent 25 years building and leading marketing and sales departments for CRM systems, business publishing software, mind mapping software and remote maintenance systems. Norbert is the inventor of the Wasserloch-Strategie® and the Grüne-Bananen-Effekts®.

Stefan Rottmann, SC-Networks GmbH

Stefan Rottmann is a sales and channel manager and has been working for SC Networks since 2013. As a trained businessman, he has been working in sales for over 30 years, was involved with lead management very early on, including co-founding a B2B telemarketing agency, and helps customers & partners in the digitalization of marketing & sales.

Marcus Bär, CAS Software AG

Marcus Bär is an executive director of CAS CRM and manager of the CAS Software AG XRM SmartCompanies, which are active in over 30 countries. In addition to leading sales, marketing and project XRM solutions at CAS, Marcus Bär advises companies on the introduction of CAS genesisWorld and gives regular presentations on the topics of sales support, XRM deployment, expansion of existing CRM solutions, customer orientation, user-centric design and customer centricity.

Torsten Biskup, CAS Software AG

Torsten Biskup is an executive director of CAS Merlin, a CAS Software AG SmartCompany, he has been working in the configuration industry and variant management for more than a decade. As an opportunity thinker in sales, he is committed to not only thinking about digitalization, but also implementing it. As a specialist on the subject of product and contract configuration, Torsten Biskup can look back on experience and expert knowledge from software development, project management and consulting as well as sales.

Matthias Tratz, CAS Software AG

After studying computer science at the Technical University of Karlsruhe, Matthias Tratz worked as an independent entrepreneur in software development and consulting. His career with CAS Software AG began in 1998, since then he has been responsible for the product management of the XRM standard products and platforms. Currently he works as head of the Product & Solution Design unit.

Dr. Michael Klein, CAS Software AG

Dr. Michael Klein is deputy managing director of SmartCompany CAS Merlin and heads product management for the configurator software Merlin CPQ. His passion is the algorithmic basis of the system, from constraint solving to multi-criteria optimisation, which he actively helps to shape.

Christian Nickel, YellowMap AG

Christian Nickel is the executive director of YellowMap AG and has more than a decade of experience in the development of geodata-based solutions for major customers in the retail, insurance and automotive sectors. During his career, he has successfully executed global projects for leading corporations. As a speaker, Christian Nickel shares his in-depth knowledge and expertise on the world of map platforms. In doing so, he will provide a comprehensive insight into the latest trends and developments of the SmartMaps map platform.

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